Welcome to the Winteracter home page. Developed in the UK by Interactive Software Services Ltd., Winteracter is a modern GUI toolset for the Fortran programming language. It consists of various visual development tools and a substantial subroutine library. Versions are available for a variety of Fortran compilers. Winteracter is designed specifically for use with compilers which support Fortran 90 or later.

v10.10 news

Version 10.10 now available

Dual 32/64-bit licences

Dual 32/64-bit licences

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Recent Product News
Winteracter 10.10 (18th November 2015)
Windows 10 (18th August 2015)
Absoft Fortran 15.0 (Pro Fortran 2015) (21st October 2014)
Intel Fortran 15.0 (XE 2015) (29th August 2014)
gfortran 4.9 and Lahey/GNU Lassen edition (21st August 2014)
Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) (11th August 2014)
32/64-bit licences for Windows and Linux (13th May 2014)
v10.0h update available (5th October 2015)
v9.30g update available (23rd April 2014)
v9.20d update available (6th March 2013)
v9.0k update available (20th June 2012)
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Product Highlights
Create modern GUI based applications using Fortran 90 or later.
GUI features based on native Windows and Motif components.
Avoid complex mixed language programming. Totally Fortran based.
No low level API access required.
Visual tools simplify GUI design.
Meaningful names make for highly readable and easily maintained code.
Mature platform independent graphics and operating system interface.
Numerous graphics hardcopy/export formats supported.
Distribution of Winteracter-based programs is royalty-free.
Free technical support by email.

Winteracter brochure (PDF) Winteracter brochure (Adobe PDF - 740k) Winteracter brochure (XPS) Winteracter brochure (Microsoft XPS - 1mb)

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