News : Version 10.10

18th November 2015

Winteracter v10.10 is now available. Upgrades are available from any previous release. See Price List.

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  • Pre-defined resources : Winteracter's common dialogs, built-in menus/toolbars/dialogs and icon/button images have all received substantial attention in this release:
    • Program access to pre-defined resources simplified. New, standardised identifier names for every item in the supplied pre-defined resource files and for every built-in menu item. The new identifiers are available automatically, via the WINTERACTER module.
    • Fields in most common dialogs are accessible at runtime for the first time, via the new standardised identifiers, allowing customisation/localisation of field labels.
    • WED allows insertion of the new pre-defined resource identifiers into source, via a categorised treeview.
    • A new unified common Page Setup dialog for all types of PostScript printer output. Provides margin selection/preview, paper size, number of copies, orientation and destination.
    • Page Setup dialog, as used for all Windows Print Manager output, now includes name of currently selected printer and a number of copies field.
    • 26 new toolbar button bitmaps. Many existing button bitmaps redesigned to improve image quality. Approx 50 256-colour 32x32 icons added.
    • Text editor and grid window toolbars use redesigned buttons, giving crisper images. Large (32x32) toolbar button option also added.
    • Nearly all common dialogs and built-in dialogs now share same positioning logic, which also allows caller to control their relative position. New WDialogShowCommon routine also allows program-supplied dialogs to be displayed using same positioning logic, further improving consistency.
    • Separate dialogs for printer PostScript and EPS output, reflecting logical differences between the two types of PostScript ouput.
    • Several other hardcopy/export option dialogs have been updated/simplified.
    • On Linux and OS X, all hardcopy common dialogs allow for local unit determination (inches or millimetres), by interrogating system locale information (already supported on Windows).
    • Date selector common dialog now uses day/month names retrieved from system locale information. Local day/month names also accessible via new routines in Date/Time subroutine group.
  • Dynamic floating menus : New pair of WMenuFloatLoad/WMenuFloatShow routines allow greater runtime control over contents of floating ("popup") menus.
  • Print margins : All types of Windows Print Manager and PostScript output now allow print margins to be specified directly. Applies to all of graphics hardcopy, image dumps, text editor and grid printing. All PostScript output mechanisms now therefore allow paper size to be specified too (choice of A0-A5, B0-B5, B0-B5/JIS and various US sizes).
  • Polylines in 3D models : 3D model descriptions can now include polylines:
    • Polylines can be displayed by the OpenGL renderer, WglShow, via any of the supported rendition methods (the software renderer W3dShow also supports polylines, but in wireframe mode only).
    • Support for polylines exactly mirrors that for facets. Both object types share the same vertex and material lists. Learning curve for existing users should therefore be minimal.
    • The 3D model exporter, W3dSave, can include polylines in both W3D and DXF output.
    • The 3D model importer, W3dLoad, identifies polylines in W3D and DXF output, including DXF files created by 3rd-party applications.
    • The 3D text routines now allow creation of lightweight polyline-based output, based on the Simplex Roman vector font.
  • DXF Various enhancements to DXF support:
    • 2D DXF graphics driver now generates light weight polylines (LWPOLYLINE), resulting in reduced output file size and faster rendering in third party importers. Redundant layer information eliminated.
    • Colour selection in both 2D and 3D DXF exporters is more accurate and quicker.
    • Some support for BLOCK/INSERT entities has been added to the 3D DXF importer, W3dLoad. Includes support for nested blocks. Allows a wider range of 3rd-party 3D DXF models to be imported.
  • Editors : In addition to the various pre-defined resource and print margin enhancements described above, editor windows now feature:
    • Substantially improved printing in the X Windows version.
    • Optional command line field can be placed at top of window and now has a 'Go' button for mouse users. Keyboard navigation between command line and editor window improved.
    • A Goto Line menu option/dialog.
  • Treeviews : "Single-click to expand" and "Double-click on branch selects default button" styles added.
  • Transparent images and alpha blending : The raster image file driver now supports creation of 32-bit RGBA (transparent) PNG files. In addition to supporting creation of images with a transparent background, alpha blending is also supported. WRGBTblend, an alpha blending function, has also been added.
  • Image dump option load/save : IGrPrintImageOptLoad/IGrPrintImageOptSave added to load/save bit-image printing options.
  • Information functions : An assortment of general additions/improvements have been made to the interrogation functions in the IF group. These include reporting of the local measurement system on Linux and OS X.
  • Operating system interface A new set of routines provide basic inter-process communication, when invoking an external command line which either writes to standard output or reads from standard input. The invoking program can read from or write to that program. This functionality is completely contained within four simple routines (IOsCommandOpen, IOsCommandRead, IOsCommandWrite and IOsCommandClose). [Note: The Linux/OS X versions of the directory information functions now rely on these internally, improving performance. The Linux/OS X directory and file selector dialogs also benefit from these internally.]
  • 64-bit OS X support : Mac 32/64-bit licences are now available for Intel Fortran or Absoft Pro Fortran on OS X. See the Dual 32/64-bit licence page for more details.
  • GNU Fortran : Support for GNU gfortran 5.2 has been added on Windows. Supported versions are now 4.7/4.9/5.2 (Note: 4.8 support has been dropped).
  • Lahey Fortran : Version 10.10 is compatible with the latest Lahey LF 7.7 and Lahey/GNU Fortran Silverthrone releases.
  • Absoft Pro Fortran 2016 : Version 10.10 has been successfully tested with the Windows, Linux and OS X versions of Absoft Fortran 16.0 (Pro Fortran 2016).
  • Visual tools : All of the visual tools benefit from several of the enhancements described above, including improved print/export dialog functionality and cleaner toolbar buttons. Tool-specific enhancements also include:
    • WiDE :
      • VS2015 is now supported as a tools/libraries provider with IVF 15.0 or later.
      • Two new 64-bit OS X Intel and Absoft compiler options.
      • GNU gfortran support on Windows updated to include v5.2.
      • Improved support for non-GNU libraries when using the GNU tools on Windows.
    • Resource editor :
      • New "Field List" option in dialog editor displays a summary of the identifier, position/size and type of every field in current dialog, displayed in a modeless grid window, which provides search, print and clipboard functionality.
      • Several toolbar editor improvements, including palette optimisation and improved options for managing spare button images.
      • Preferences dialog reworked and expanded. Includes an option to set default font for new dialogs.
    • WED :
      • "Open Multiple" menu option.
      • Search history in "Find All" dialog.
      • Pre-defined resource identifier insertion (see above).
      • Source code and quotation HTML tag insertion.
    • PlotConv : Improved EPS support. CGM, HP-GL and HP-GL/2 files can be converted to transparent PNG(rgba) format.
    • 3Dview : Support for polylines in W3D and DXF 3D model files. Closer inspection of model detail allowed.
    • HelpEd : Favorites tab option when generating CHM files. External links in HTML help files can be opened in new tab/window.
    • XWcolour : Source code now supplied.
  • Documentation : Numerous additions and improvements to Programming Guide and Programming Reference. Upgraded documentation of pre-defined resources, such as common dialogs and editor/grid window menus. Message descriptions updated and reorganised. Favorites tab added, on Windows.
  • Error handling : Extensive overhaul of library's internal error handling. Several new error codes added.
  • Demos : 8 new example programs, plus many more updated.
  • Windows 8.1/10 : Latest versions of Windows now formally supported.

Customers who purchased v10.0 on or after 22/September/2015 will normally be entitled to receive a free v10.10 update. Qualification for free updates from 10.0 is based on the date of shipment from I.S.S. or a recognised I.S.S. reseller and in any event is at the sole discretion of I.S.S. Ltd. Free updates are normally delivered automatically, a few days after release and do not need to be requested.

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