News : XQuartz and Open Motif

22nd November 2016

I.S.S. has built Open Motif 2.3.6 from source on the Mac, incorporating a patch which addresses the libXt issues introduced in both versions 2.7.9 and and 2.7.10 of XQuartz, the Mac X server. Changes to the libXt build method in each of these XQuartz releases created problems for all Mac Motif users. Unfortunately, the solutions were different for each of 2.7.9 and 2.7.10. The patched 2.3.6 build eliminates the libXt compatibility issue, rendering the 2.7.9/2.7.10-dependent workarounds redundant. It also addresses a problem with 32-bit binaries running on XQuartz 2.7.8 and later.

As of v10.10e, the Mac version of X/Winteracter is now built with the patched Open Motif 2.3.6 library. Hence, the X/Winteracter visual tools are now compatible with XQuartz 2.7.10 or later. Open Motif 2.3.6 is also now the recommended version for development with X/Winteracter on the Mac. Users downloading the Mac version of X/Winteracter 10.10e, or later, should also upgrade their Open Motif library accordingly.

The new Open Motif 2.3.6 build can be downloaded from our Open Motif for Mac page. Both 32-bit and 64-bit builds are available to download. The old versions (2.2.3, 2.3.1 and 2.3.2) have been removed from that page.

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