Price List

Effective 18/November/2015 (subject to change without notice)

Prices are shown in pounds sterling and US dollars. US$ prices only apply to 30-day account orders from customers in the USA. All other transactions are processed in pounds sterling, including all orders paid by credit/debit card or PayPal. All prices are exclusive of VAT or other local duties/taxes, where applicable. Orders can be submitted via our on-line Order Form or by email to . Orders are accepted subject to our standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Winteracter is now supplied electronically. Each licence is supplied by email, which also includes download instructions.

Please refer to our Ordering Information page for more details of how to order and pay.

New Licences

Licences fall into two categories, Dual-target (32/64-bit) and Single-target (either 32-bit or 64-bit) :

Dual-target Licences
10.10Windows 32/64-bitAbsoft Pro Fortran 11-17 £695 (US$1095)25%
10.10Windows 32/64-bitIntel Visual Fortran 10-17 and
Digital/Compaq Visual Fortran 5/6
10.10Windows 32/64-bitLahey LF90/Elf90 4.x, Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 5.x/7.x
and Lahey/GNU Fortran
10.10Linux 32/64-bitAbsoft Pro Fortran 11-17
10.10Linux 32/64-bitIntel Fortran 10-17
10.10Linux 32/64-bitLahey/Fujitsu Fortran 8.x
10.10Mac OS X 32/64-bitAbsoft Pro Fortran 11-17
10.10Mac OS X 32/64-bitIntel Fortran 10-17
Single-target Licences
10.10Windows 64-bit Absoft Pro Fortran 11.5-17.0£495 (US$795)25%
10.10Windows 32-bit Absoft Pro Fortran 11-17
10.10Windows 64-bit Intel Visual Fortran 10-17
10.10Windows 32-bit Intel Visual Fortran 10-17 and
Digital/Compaq Visual Fortran 5/6
10.10Windows 32-bit Lahey LF90/Elf90 4.x, Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 5.x/7.x
and Lahey/GNU Fortran
10.10Windows 32-bit Salford/Silverfrost FTN95
10.10Linux 64-bit Absoft Pro Fortran 11-17
10.10Linux 32-bit Absoft Pro Fortran 11-17
10.10Linux 64-bit Intel Fortran 10-17
10.10Linux 32-bit Intel Fortran 10-17
10.10Linux 64-bit Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 8.x
10.10Linux 32-bit Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran 6.2
10.10Mac OS X 32-bit Absoft Pro Fortran 11-17
10.10Mac OS X 32-bit Intel Fortran 10-17


  • All prices quoted above are for a single-user licence, use of which is subject to the Winteracter Licence Agreement. See Multi-item Discounts below for details of multiple licence pricing.
  • In addition to the compilers listed above, all licences include support for at least one open-source Fortran compiler. Support is included for gfortran (Windows), g95 (Linux/OS X) and Open64 Fortran (Linux).When ordering, please be sure to specify the required target commercial Fortran compiler from the above list.
  • Each Winteracter licence can be used on either 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems. When choosing a licence, please select it according to the target program type (shown under Target), rather than the bit size of the operating system on which the software will be installed.


Users of any previous Winteracter version can upgrade to the latest release. Prices depend on your current licence type and version number. Upgrades are normally for the same combination of platform, target and compiler as your current licence. We offer the option of changing compiler type when upgrading, at no extra charge, provided the platform remains the same (see Compiler Transfers).

  Current version number
Current licence type 10.0 9.30 9.0/9.20 6.0-8.0 1.x-5.x
Dual-target £130
Single-target £100

Important : Please quote your 5-digit Winteracter serial number (8nnnn or 4nnnn) when ordering upgrades.

Note: Customers who currently hold separate single-target 32-bit and 64-bit licences, who wish to combine both into one dual-target licence, can do so for the currently applicable price shown in the Dual-target row above. Use the version number of the older single-target licence to determine upgrade price, in this case.

Dual-target (32/64-bit) Licence Conversions

Single-target (i.e. one of 32-bit or 64-bit) Winteracter licences can be upgraded to a Dual-target (32/64-bit) licence for the same platform, for the currently applicable single-target upgrade price shown above, plus a one-off conversion fee of £150 (US$240). Total upgrade/conversion fees for qualifying licence holders are therefore:

  Current version number
  10.0 9.30 9.20/9.0 6.0-8.0 1.x-5.x
Single target
to Dual-target

Important : Please quote your 5-digit Winteracter serial number (8nnnn or 4nnnn) when ordering dual 32/64-bit licence conversions.

Note: When upgrading to a dual 32/64-bit licence, prices apply to the same platform as licensed previously. e.g. A Windows licence cannot be upgraded to a Linux equivalent or vice versa.

Commercial Licences

Prices shown are for a Winteracter Commercial Licence entitling the purchaser to install a single copy according to the terms of the Winteracter Licence Agreement. Linked executable programs developed using Winteracter under a Commercial Licence may be distributed without further royalty or run-time licence payments to ISS.

Educational Licences

An educational discount is available to qualifying institutions, subject to the following condition : Software developed using Winteracter under an Educational licence may only be distributed to other educational and research establishments, on a non-profit making basis. i.e. Such software may only be distributed free of charge or subject to reasonable media/handling charges.

Educational discount should be applied before calculating any multi-item discounts. An Educational licence can be upgraded to a full Commercial licence for the difference in cost plus the currently applicable one-off upgrade fee.

Educational discount is applicable to both new licence and upgrade orders.

Multi-item Discounts

When purchasing multiple licences/upgrades, a discount of 20% is available off all but the most expensive item ordered. Orders must be placed at one time to qualify for this discount. Multi-item discount is not available on split orders.


To place an order, use the on-line Order Form or send an email to . When ordering by email, please be sure to state the required target platform/compiler combination, exactly as listed in the table above.

Full ordering instructions can be also found on our Ordering Information page.


Winteracter can be ordered direct from ISS or from various international resellers.

Hardcopy/Export Drivers

Winteracter includes a full set of graphics hardcopy/export drivers at no extra charge.


ISS operates a free of charge Winteracter technical support email service. Registered Winteracter licence holders may submit bug reports and other Winteracter related enquiries by email to this service. ISS reserves the right to vary the nature, availability and lifetime of this free of charge service at our sole discretion. In general, we aim to respond to technical support enquiries within one working day of receipt.

Compiler Transfers

Each Winteracter licence covers use of the product with a specific vendor's compiler(s) and a specific combination of platform and target program type. Existing Winteracter licence holders who wish to transfer their licence from one vendor's compilers to another, on the same platform, may do so when purchasing a Winteracter version upgrade, subject to the following terms:

  • The licence holder must agree to cease using the version for the previous vendor's compiler(s) at the time of the upgrade.
  • Future technical support for that licence will apply only to the version for the newly selected vendor's compiler(s). Support will not be available concerning issues which relate to use of the product with the previous compiler(s).

Licence holders who choose to transfer their Winteracter licence between compiler versions are deemed to have agreed to these terms, on receipt of their licence email for use with the new compiler version.

There is no additional charge for a Compiler Transfer. i.e. The only cost is the standard upgrade fee as shown elsewhere on this price list. Note however, that this facility is only available at the time of an upgrade. Once a version upgrade has been supplied for use wth a given vendor's compiler(s), the licence holder has effectively committed themselves to that compiler version until they next upgrade.

If a Winteracter licence holder wishes to use the same release concurrently with two different vendors' compilers, then separate licences are required for each target version.

Note: As noted above, compiler transfers are only available between Winteracter licences on the same platform. A "platform" is defined as one of Windows, Linux or OS X.

For more information email:

Please note : References to "support for" specific third party software do not imply endorsement of same. Refer to Supported Compilers/Platforms for more information.