GraphEd is an interactive Presentation Graphics plot designer for Winteracter developers.

GraphEd simplifies creation of all the plot types supported by Winteracter : Bar charts, histograms, pie charts, line plots, high/low plots, 2D/3D scatter plots, 2D/3D polylines, vector plots, 2D/3D contour plots, function plots, tables, volume plots and column plots.

Graph type, styles, axes, units, annotation/labels, key, fonts and colours are all selectable, to create a template plot. The split window layout provides previews of both the plot itself and the Fortran code required to reproduce it. Both are updated with each change, immediately showing their effect.

Plot definitions can be saved/loaded to/from data files, allowing plot reuse. This also allows plots to be designed over multiple sessions.

When a plot design is complete, the graph definition can be copied or saved from the Fortran source code window and incorporated directly into Winteracter-based applications. The code is ready to compile. All that is required is a suitable subroutine call, in the target application.

Source style is configurable, using the same code generation preferences as WED, ResEdit and the application Wizard. This ensures consistent code style when combining automatically generated Fortran sources.

Note: The graph preview relies on automatically generated sample data. Fortran code is generated in the form of a subroutine with a short argument list which allows actual program data to be supplied.

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