3D Modelling : Subroutine Descriptions

Group 3C : Model Creation

W3dClose Close model, deallocate storage
W3dExtrudeLine Create open object by extruding a polyline
W3dExtrudePolygon Create open/closed object by extruding a polygon
W3dFacet Add a facet to model
W3dFacetDelete Delete facets from model
W3dIsosurface Create an isosurface from gridded data and an isovalue
W3dIsosurfaceCount Count facets in an isosurface from gridded data
W3dIsosurfaceFunc Create an isosurface from f(x,y,z) and an isovalue
W3dIsosurfaceFuncCountCount facets in an isosurface from f(x,y,z)
W3dLine Add a line to model
W3dLineDelete Delete lines from model
W3dMaterial Define a material (colour/shine/gloss)
W3dMaterialFacet Set material for a specific facet
W3dMaterialLine Set material for a specific line
W3dMaterialN Define current material number
W3dNew Start a new 3D model
W3dRevolve Create an object by rotating a polyline
W3dVertices Add vertices to model
W3dVerticesDelete Delete vertices from model

Group 3M : Matrix Manipulation

W3dGetMatrixGet current modelview transformation matrix
W3dMatrix Set current modelview transformation matrix
W3dRotate Apply a rotation around an axis or an arbitrary vector
W3dScale Apply a scaling factor
W3dTranslateApply a translation

Group 3V : Model View

W3dEye Set eye position and an optional reference point
W3dLight Set position of the light source for lit rendition methods
W3dProjectionChoose perspective or orthographic projection
W3dShow Display the model using any one of seven rendition methods

Group 3P : Parts

W3dPartDelete Delete parts from model
W3dPartFind Find part number of specified part name
W3dPartGetName Retrieve name of a part
W3dPartMaterial Set material for a part
W3dPartNew Start a new part
W3dPartPutName Set the name of a part
W3dPartTransformTransform a part by the current transformation matrix
W3dPartVisible Set the visibility of a part

Group 3T : Text Handling

W3dTextDouble Add double precision value string to model
W3dTextFont Select 3D text font
W3dTextInteger Add integer value string to model
W3dTextLength Measure relative length of a 3D text string
W3dTextOrientationSpecify string alignment
W3dTextReal Add real value string to model
W3dTextString Add character string to model
W3dTextWidth Control proportional font spacing

Group 3F : Model File Handling

W3dFileInfoReport information about a 3D model file
W3dFileTypeReport a 3D model file's type
W3dLoad Load a W3D/DXF/STL/OBJ 3D model file
W3dSave Save the current 3D model to a W3D/DXF/STL/OBJ file

Group 3C : Model Projection/Picking

W3dPickFacetPFind front-most facet from 2D coordinates (pixels)
W3dPickFacetUFind front-most facet from 2D coordinates (graphics units)
W3dProjectP Get projected 2D coordinates (pixels)
W3dProjectU Get projected 2D coordinates (graphics units)

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