Obsolete Feature Checker

Like any mature software under constant development, Winteracter has inevitably accumulated features which have been superseded over the years. If you have code developed using earlier versions of Winteracter, Winspect can help give your source a spring clean.

The obsolete feature checker is provided as both a command line tool and a GUI option in WiDE. It scans Fortran source code for a variety of obsolete Winteracter subroutine/function calls, symbolic names and derived types. Results can be reported in HTML, CSV or old-school plain text format. The report lists the lines containing obsolete usage and offers advice on how they should be replaced. The WiDE version automatically opens the report in a web broswer, system spreadsheet application or text browser, depending on the selected output format.

Here's an example of output produced by the checker, from an old "userscal" demo (from v2.30, circa 2000):

LineCodeUsesTypeObsolete @Advice
33TYPE(WIN_STYLE) :: WINDOWWIN_STYLEDerived type3.0Use documented WindowOpen / WindowOpenChild calling interfaces, which rely on optional arguments instead of a derived type.
160CALL IPgUnits(0.0,0.0,60.0,60.0)IPgUnitsSubroutine13.0Functionality absorbed into IPgUnitsXYZ.
167CALL IGrCharSet(' ')IGrCharSetSubroutine4.0Superseded by WGrTextFont and the WGrOFont*/WGrVFont* routines.
168CALL IGrCharSize(1.1,0.9)IGrCharSizeSubroutine4.0Superseded by WGrTextFont.
171CALL IPgNewGraph(NSET,NVALUE,' ','2','L')IPgNewGraphSubroutine3.0Superseded by IPgNewPlot.
176IF (IXUSER.EQ.WintOn) THENWintOnParameter4.10Use Enabled instead.
186IF (IYUSER.EQ.WintOn) THENWintOnParameter4.10Use Enabled instead.

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